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Underneath This Hole, There Is An Entire Town With 2500 People Living Within. See Pictures

Coober Pedy is a town situated in South Australia, more than 1,000 miles from Canberra, the nation's capital city. What started in 1916 as perhaps the world's largest opal mine has developed into an underground community inaccessible to the region since the 120 degree summer.

Cities, towns and homes are known to be built on grounds but here in the case of Cooper Pedy it is has appeared to be entirely different. Here at the center of the Australian outback there is a town where chimneys protrude from the sand and a large red sign that warns people about "unmarked pits". There is also a sign that reads "Welcome to Coober Paddy, the underground city"

After World War I, soldiers returned home and began mining the terrain for opal, a precious gem. When the water receded, the minerals from the ocean's seabed filled cracks in the earth and created colorful opals in the terrain. As opal mining settled into a steady but less booming business, residents of Coober Pedy began turning discarded opal mines into permanent dugouts. Many transformed the mines into improvised homes to escape the oppressive​ heat. 

With the homes' cavern like outsides, the way towards going underground may appear to be an endeavor into the obscure. The town has a ghostly, other-common feel to it, notwithstanding being home to around 2,500 occupants. They'll probably burn through the majority of their lives there, getting away from the brutal Australian sun and making their home underneath the Australian Outback. When guests are down there, it's in reality entirely warm.

Entire bedrooms, bookstores, churches and bars have been plastered into Coober Paddy's ornate basement walls and after 100 years in this "sanctuary," those who call it home have no plans to quit.

Outside of Cooper Pedy

Beautiful hotels for people

What you see before is a lovely home

Below is a church

They also have a book store

And here is a jewelry store

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