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See where you must visit if you have the opportunity of going to Ekiti State

Ekiti state is a state located in the south western part of Nigeria that is blessed with many tourist attraction areas

Take a look at some of the places below

Fajuyi Memorial Park

Olosunta and Orole Hill

These two hills are located at Northern and southern parts of the town (Ikere Ekiti) respectively. They are both steep-sided hills. These are good resort centres for Tourists to visit and see for themselves what God has done for the State of Honour, Fountain of Knowledge. There are deities in charge of these two hills. Both are worshipped accordingly. In line with the belief of the people of this town the Olosunta and Orole deities reside in the hills respectively. Both deities are credited with some feats such as provision of children to barren women and protection of Ikere from warfare. They are believe to be responsible for the welfare of the town. Ikere Ekiti is usually described as the only unconquered town in Ekiti during the popular inter-tribal wars.

Ikogosi warm spring

The spring water is said to have some therapeutic effects in some diseases like rheumatism and guinea-worm. People who have access to the spring use it for the battery of their vehicles instead of the normal battery water.

Former house mate Kaffi Kareem during a tour to Ekiti

Ipole iloro / arinta water fall which is best of its kind

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