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Top 10 most advance countries in the world with pictures.

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In this article we are bringing you the top 20 most, technological advanced countries in the world with pictures, showing what these country looks like


Norway is a country encompassing mountains and glaciers. Oslo is the capital and it's a city of green spaces and museums. Norway is also known for fishing, hiking and skiing, notably at Lillehammer’s Olympic resort.

Currency: Norwegian krone

Population: 5.368 million (2020)

2. Sweden

Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe.

Sweden has a total population of 10.3 million

Currency: Swedish Krona

3. Netherlands

Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe, known for its flat landscapes, canals and cycling routes.

Currency: Euro

population: 17.4 million

4. Denmark

Denmark is home to Royal places, and colourful Nyhavn harbour.

Currency: Danish Krone

Population: 5, 806 million

5. United States

The US is a country of 50 states

Population: 328.2 million

Currency: Us Dollars

6. Singapore

Population: 5.7 million

Currency: Singapore Dollars

7. Finland

Currency: Euro

Population: 5.5: million

8. United Arab Emirates

Population: 9.631 million

Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham

9. South Korea

Currency: South Korean won

Population: 51.64 million

10. Hong Kong

Hong Kong officially the Hong Kong special administrative region of the people's republic of China.

Population: 7.5 million according to 2019 estimate

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar

Source: Wikipedia, Google.

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