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OPINION: Why is Our Rev. Sisters Not Taken Care Of Like The Rev. Fathers? See Some Differences Here

I want to talk about Reverend Sisters in the Holy Roman Catholic churches especially in Nigeria.

What exactly could exactly be said to be their job? What could we actually say is their work in the church.?

Rev. Sisters in the church also make the same sacrifices their male counterparts make. Despise the numerous sacrifices these Nuns make, they are not always on the same level with the Priest. A Rev. sister doesn't handle a church, They are not given flashy cars like our Rev. Fathers. They are also not regarded as Male Colleagues.

Here in Nigeria, you will spot a Nun trekking on foot on a long distance in afternoon hot sun and she will also go back the same way. This is not the same thing with the Priests who already has a comfortable car of theirs which I am almost sure that every Priest has a new car given to him by his home church, any church he is in when he was ordinated and a car gift by his family.

Have you ever seen a Rev. Father buying a food item in the market under a hot sun? I know you had not. But you can always see the Rev. Sisters coming inside markets to buy things themselves and they are hit by naked sun especially in the afternoon. The funny thing is that some of them came with trekking from a nearby Parish. This is hardly what you see their male counterparts doing.

Again after suffering to get all these food items, they will still have to cook it by themselves increasing their daily stress and task. Priests always have a cook but hardly will you see a Rev. Fathers cooking his food by himself except on the case of emergency. Our Rev. Sisters are actually human beings like the Rev. Fathers too, they need to be cared up to that level too.

The Rev. Sisters live in quarters while the Priests lives in an expensive mansions which they are either given by the church or they build it by themselves. Have you seen any Rev. Sister owning such great mansions? It's very rare that's even if there would be anyone.

Most of our Priests travel abroad frequently unlike the female counterparts. They are also given leave many times by the church to relax themselves because their work in the vineyard is not just ordinary. It's a hefty task to behold.

If you observe very well, our Rev. Sisters are not usually given such leave by the Church. Do they think that these holy Nuns do not need those relaxations too. Probably they need it more because they are not meant to be sitting in the convent day and night.

My conclusion is that there is gender discrimination as regards Rev. Sisters. It purely is an issue of gender inequality and nothing else.

Your opinion is highly needed. Do you think that our Rev. Sisters are not cared enough like the male counterparts? Let's hear your say.

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