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Meet the Man from India who looks younger than his age


God is great. Meet the Man from India who is 50years but looks younger than his look.

Many people are blessed with different nature no matter how your race, colour, height, religion and nationality.

Here's a father of three, who looks younger than his age, Even younger than his children.

This Man From India actually describe how powerful our dear God. He created all humans in his image and likeness, he also created plants and animals all in favourable to human being.

His ability not to grow up have throw the entire village thinking he could not be famous, as of this report, Different tourist have visited this Man for documentary Feature.

According to his parents, The Man who is above 50 years old of age, His height has been a major challenge to him.

His parents notice his stangant grow at the age of five. He is just 29inches tall. he's currently the toast of the villagers and the visitors to their tiny Indian village. 

Basori Lai is not Only a celebrity in his village but Also seen as a hero.

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