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Myths surrounding Agulu lake in Anambra state.

Agulu is one of the biggest town in Anambra State with 20 big villages. In Agulu there is a potential tourist center Anambra state is proud of; it is called Agulu Lake while some people call it Agulu Crocodiles Lake, because it is a home of over 450 water creatures like crocodiles and alligators.

Fishing during rainy and dry season is unacceptable in this lake. The crocodiles in this lake is regarded as a sacred animals to some people in Agulu, they worship it as their god, it cannot be killed or harm by anyone.

Elders told a story of how this crocodiles help them to kill their enemy in olden days especially during the civil war. One of the elders from Umuowelle village said that during olden day, in the time of crisis and war, that they use to offer some sacrifices to the Lake and the lake will use its sacred crocodiles and transform them into an attractive young ladies in order to tempt their enemy’s warriors and take them to the bank of the lake in name of having fun and killed them.

In this modern age, if you go to this lake site now, you will see many people during some kinds of sacrifices to this mysterious lake in order to acquire wealth or get political powers. In early morning, you will see some prophets during some rituals for their clients, some ladies are even taking spiritual bath at the bank of that lake to get married as directed by their prophet.

In a hot afternoon, these sacred crocodiles appeared at the banks to enjoy the hotness of the sun and you will see some people stopping their car on top of the newly constructed 1st bridge of that lake to snap photos.

Agulu Lake is a mysterious and wonderful attraction center in Anambra state. 

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