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Beautiful Cities You Need To Visit

All around us we see beauty in different shades. It will interest you to know that these places have been long existing and we have little or no knowledge about them.

1. France (Paris)

Known iconically as the City of Love, this place lives up to its expectations. It is known for the finest chefs and best restaurants around. Propose to her here and the chances of her saying yes will be very high.

2. Qatar (Doha)

A lot of us might have been thinking that this is Dubai. You are actually not too correct though they are close. Built on a bay, the city has some iconic view and should be a top spot for tourists who are lovers of beaches.

3. Italy (Venice)

This city is known for its labyrinths and water passages and is a favourite spot for many tourists. If you still don't mind these passages, you could still take a bus and have a tour round the historical city.

4. Greece (Athens)

Home to the gladiators most of us have seen, this city is not just a historic site but it's also home to beautiful scenes. It's beaming with life and you also get to hear its beautiful history. Though not entirely beautiful.

5. Australia (Sydney)

This one is my very own personal best. I've dreamed of traveling to this city on several occasions. Apart from being Australia's biggest city, it also has ports that locals use ferries to navigate through.

6. Cuba (Havana)

Yeah, the first thing that came to your mind was Camila Cabello's song titled Havana right? Well, she definitely had a reason why half of her heart was still in that city. I think we are beginning to see why.

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