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Secrets Behind Jet Li's Flying, Kung Fu Fighting Skills Unveiled

If you like popular Chinese movies, you may have become jealous or even tried to play a game in which the hero and alien in the air hit his opponent while resisting power.

The first to come to mind is a retired Chinese filmmaker, Jet Li.

It got its screen name "Jet Li" when a well-known company decided that it was difficult to pronounce his real name. He compares his work to an airplane, which is also a fast-moving “departure” because of his speed and grace in teaching or practice.

A unique tourist attraction in southeastern China’s Fujian province that allows smokers to realize their dreams of meeting the flying skills of kung-fu masters like Jet Li who used to watch TV while growing up.

It 's not an easy thing to do without proper props, but fortunately there is now a place where you can bring out all your visual and kung - fu history to restore old Chinese art and architecture.

Using wires and barriers similar to those used in wuxia movies, the unique objects operators of the Fujian region allow guests to fly through the air with the same grace of their superheroes.

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