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Different Types of Nigerian Bus Conductors, Funny Memes that will Make Your Day

If you travel mostly on bus, or your daily movement requires public transport like bus, then you will surely relate to this content. I made some funny memes of different types of bus conductor, which you will see in public transport sector like bus.

This kind of conductors, are seen in most big cities like Lagos, Abia State, Port-Harcourt City, Enugu and many others. Bus conductors are really funny in their ways, let's see some funny memes about them and have a nice smiling day.

If you can't relate to any of the below funny memes, then you probably have not traveled in a public bus. You need to do so, and have fun.

1. I pity who seat near them, Your ear go hear am

2. Lol

3. Wicked ones

4. Run ooo

5. Me i always pity this people ooo

6. Chiaaa.. Wahala for who seat near them

7. Lol

8. Very rare to meet this ones

10. Natural Perfume

Comment on your favourite

Content created and supplied by: JohnDwriter (via Opera News )

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