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Myths and legend surrounding Agulu Lake in Anambra state

Agulu lake is one of the best tourist centers in Anambra state. It is regarded as crocodile lake because it is a home of over hundreds of crocodiles.

Agulu is one of the biggest town in Anambra State.It has a boundary with Nise, Mbaukwu, Nri, Adazi Nnukwu and Nanka. 

Agulu is a popular town in South Eastern Nigeria, It is a home town of some prominent Nigerians like Peter Obi - former PDP vice-presidential candidate, also a two time past governor of Anambra State, late Prof. Dora Akunyili etc. Agulu has 20 big village with enough landmass and this popular Agulu Lake is located in Umuowelle Village of Agulu which is close to NAFDAC Laboratory in Agulu.

Facts about Agulu lake.

Agulu lake is a tourist attraction in Anambra state. It has always been the chief of all tourist centers in Anambra state. Anambra state government has remodelled this Lake and a big hotel 5-star was built there.

There are hundreds of big crocodiles in Agulu Lake and in a very hot afternoon, you would see these crocodiles spread themselves at the bank of Agulu lake enjoying the warm weather and also waiting for food to eat.

Every creature living inside Agulu Lake is said to be sacred to the people of Agulu and their neighbouring town The Crocodiles in Agulu lake can not be killed or harmed and fishing is totally unacceptable in Agulu lake.

However, Agulu lake is believed to be a spiritual and mysterious lake because it originated from a mermaid. On a daily basis, you will see many people doing rituals to get powers, husbands, money etc. They kill fowls, goats, sheep and throw them inside this mysterious lake as a means of sacrifices for the crocodiles, the children of that lake to eat, so they can get what they want spiritually from that lake. Most times the chief priest of this lake or his servant will take the sacrifices and offer directly to the Crocodiles.

Agulu lake has a Chief priest, He live at the bank of the Agulu lake. This Chief priest is in charge of the big shrine close to the lake called Idemmili Redemption center and he can speak with the lake and it's crocodiles not to harm anyone especially during the lake's Idemili festival.

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