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See the $100,000 shark like ski

The shark like ski is a seabreaker, its literally built like a shark, it has shark like teeth, eyes and fins.

The details of this is incredible technology is that it has a transparent glass roof that opens similar to that of a jet fighter, the glass roof is the same in as F16 and it has a fully waterproof interior.

The fins can also be control to spin just like that of the real shark and eyes are pop out.The engine is located at the near tail it has an engine of 300hp and goes around 100km/h. This sea monster comes also in a whale like shape, so when next you see a shark or a whale in a sea or beach look closely it might be one of this new innovations, mind you take precautions it might also be the real shark.

It look really fun to drive one of this thighs or what did you think?.

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