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Check out this nice Underground City, with Underground Five Star Hotels

  Coober Pedy is a small town about halfway between Adelaide and Alice Springs. It is situated on the edge of the erosional scarp of the Stuart Ranges, on beds of sandstone and siltstone 30 metres deep and topped with a stony treeless desert. Very little plant life exists in town due to the region's low rainfall, high cost of water, and lack of topsoil.

  The harsh summer desert temperatures mean that many residents prefer to live in caves bored into the hillsides. A standard three-bedroom cave home with lounge, kitchen, and bathroom can be excavated out of the rock in the hillside for a similar price to building a house on the surface. However, dugouts remain at a constant temperature, while surface buildings need air conditioning, especially during the summer months, when temperatures often exceed 40 °C.

  The relative humidity rarely gets over 20% on these hot days, and the skies are usually cloud-free. The average maximum temperature is 30–32 °C, but it can get quite cool in the winter.

  The town's water supply, managed by the District Council, operates a bore and associated treatment plant, and comes from the Great Artesian Basin. Problems with ageing pipes, high water losses, and lack of subsidies contribute to consumer water charges being the highest in South Australia. This is the town, where you can find a five star hotel, bungalows, lounges that are completely excavated out of a rock and it usually runs underground.

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Coober Pedy Underground City Underground Five Star Hotels


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