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The 6 Wonders of China. Photos

China stands as the pride of the Asian continent. And boasts of some of the world's breathtaking infrastructures. Found in China are 5 of the tallest buildings in the world with the first tallest building ranking after the Burj Al Khalifa found in Dubai,the United Arab Emirates.

The Suzhou Zhongnan Centre found in the province of Sozhou stands at a height or 2,392 feets with 138 floors and is billed to be completed this year.

Ping An Finance Centre, found in the Shengzen Province, stands tall at 2,165 feets, with over 115 floors and was completed in 2016.

Wuhan, the city where the corona virus was discovered plays host to one of the tallest buildings in China, the Wuhan Greenland Centre. Its height is measured at 2,087 feets with 125 floors and was completed in 2017 at a cost of over 4.5 billion dollars.

The Goldin Finance Centre also referred to as the China 117 towers, located in Tianjin measures 1.957 feets and has over 117 floors.

The CTF Finance Centre in Guangzhou measures at 1,739 feets with 111 floors and was completed on 2016. The building is reputed to have the fastest elevators in the world taking just over 43 seconds from the ground to the 95th floor.

Lastly, the Zhongguo Zun in Beijing which measured over 1,732 feet and has over 108 floors, reportedly completed in 2018.

These buildings are simply breathtaking.

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