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Three Things You Don't Know About Stockfish

Stockfish is a type of fish that is made from Codfish and is exclusively produced in Norway where it first originated. This type of fish could be described as a global celebrity as it is widely consumed in many parts of the world especially Nigeria and some African countries.

While most people do think these types of fish can be produced in Nigeria locally, this is not true as the Codfish can only be found in saltwater bodies with low temperatures and there are certain conditions required for it to be processed.

In this article, we will be looking into three essential knowledge most people don't know about this "Okporoko" we all loved.

1. It Is Highly Nutritional and Protein Packed.

Some of you might be thinking that because the fish is already dried, all the essential nutrients in it has been sucked away by the sun, that it is not Nutritional. This is not true because the nutrients in the fish is so diverse that it's almost beneficial in many ways.

2. The Method Used To Preserve It Is Over 1000 Years Old

This is what I can describe as a thorough preservation of the cultural ways. This stock fish has been in existence since the ancient days of Vikings who originated from Norway and they hasn't Lost the heritage for preserving it since then.

3. Nigeria Is The Largest Importer Of The Fish( Most Especially The Fish Head)

This might look like a joke but it's not, through out the whole world, Nigeria is recorded as the largest importer of the Norwegian Fish species and most especially, the fish head is mostly demanded by them. This statement was released by the fish processing plant in Norway in 2019.

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