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45 words that are often spelt the wrong way.

Homophones are words that sound alike (same pronunciation) but have different meaning, origin and spelling.

These words are commonly misspelt due to the same pronunciation they have.

Examples of these words includes:

1. Air - Heir (a person entitled to the property of another after death)

2. Ant - Aunt

3. Aloud (not silently) - Allowed (past tense of allow)

4. Bare (naked) - (v)Bear (carry), (n) Bear (animal)

5. Blue - Blew (past tense of blow)

6. Buy - By (preposition), Bye

7.Berry (a small pulpy fruit) - Bury (to put underground)

8.Check - Cheque (a bank document)

9. Cease (stop) - Seize (to hold something down)

10. Corps (pronounced without ps) - Core (very important)

11. Chilli (spicy pepper) - Chilly (a bit cold)

12. Deer (animal) - Dear (as in my dear)

13. Die - Dye (used on clothes)

14. Desert (an area that's very dry,without plants) - Dessert (refreshment)

15. Eight (8) - Hate (to dislike)

16. Father - Farther (comparative form of 'far')

17. Fowl (hen) - Foul (not fair)

18. Flea (insect) - Flee (to run away)

19.Four (4) - Fore (front)

20. Grate (to shred into small pieces) - Great ( large, very good) NB: grateful not greatful (meaning thankful)

21. Hail (greet) - Hale (healthy)as in hale and hearty

22. Hymn (church song) - Him

23. Hour (of the clock) - Our

24. Heal (to become healthy again) - Heel (the back part of the foot or a shoe)

25. It's (short form of 'it is' or 'it has') - Its (it means belonging to it)

26. Lightning (accompanying thunder) - Lightening (make light/fire)

27. Lone (single/alone) - Loan (money given out)

28.Meat - Meet

29.Made (past tense of make) - Maid (female servant)

30. Peace - Piece (as in piece of paper/advice)

31. Root - Route (path/way)

32. Red - Read (past tense form of 'read')

33. Sight (sense of seeing) - Site (place of buildings under construction) - Cite (to read)

34. Sail (travel by water) - Sale (things to sell)

35. Stationary (not moving) - Stationery (writing materials)

36. Sweet (sugary taste) - Suite (set of rooms in a building)

37. Sole (variety of marine flat fish also, lower part of the foot) - Soul (immortal part of an human)

38. They're (short form of 'they are') - Their (belonging to people/things being mentioned) - There (adverb)

39. Tears - Tiers (section/part)

40. Tail - Tale (story)

41. Weak (not strong) - Wick (lantern thread) - Week (7 days)

42. Waist (middle part of one's body) - Waste (not used/useful)

43. Wrap (to cover in paper/soft material) - Rap (hip hop music)

44. Weather (relating to sunshine, wind, or rain) - Whether (conj, expressing a doubt or choice)

45. Wood (material from trees) - Would (past tense form of 'will')


A. (Its/It's) ideal to be able to speak proper English.

B. If you feel nervous during the competition, then just _____ for a moment and drink water. (pours, pause, pores).

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