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5 Phrases That Woman Says To Express Love Instead of I Love You

A woman takes the time to take the initiative and values ​​her plans, so she is in no hurry to confess her love first. Nevertheless, true feelings are difficult to keep in themselves; they always find a way out, albeit not directly. Here are 5 phrases that give out true woman's love:

1. I will never understand your ex:

Women are not jealous of every counter-cross to his past. And if all of a sudden they spoke unkindly about an opponent, they were definitely tuned into the wave of their man. With this phrase, a woman achieves much: she demonstrates to her chosen one that she is always on his side. And she shows that she is much better than her rival because she knows how to see the dignity of her man, take care of him and appreciate him.

2. I haven’t felt so good for a long time:

These are wonderful sincere words that help a real woman open her eyes to her feelings. Moreover, they do not oblige her to anything and can be told to him at any time and in any place: in the cinema, in traffic, on a walk in the park.

3. I wanted to please you:

This words contains a kind of magic, it is capable, like a spell, to arouse the most vivid feelings of the one to whom it is addressed. With age, we all, both men and women, learn to be grateful for every manifestation of care and attention. We ourselves know how warms the soul from such words. And how you want the person who gives us this feeling of joy to be near.

4. I'll meet my friend another time:

For his sake, she’s even ready to break her plans and sacrifice, leaving her without her own pleasant company, intimate conversations in the kitchen, delicious sparkling drinks and fresh gossip - all that is replaced by a trip to a psychotherapist for a modern, always stressful woman. That's how much she wants to be with him.

5. Tell me more, I'm interested:

I want to know everything about my beloved, even minor trifles, like how a neighbour dog bit him in childhood, who was his first love in kindergarten, whether his grandmother baked pies.

In a word, if a man hears this phrase from a women, the lady is completely disarmed. Fortunately, men do not understand female allegories, and besides, they are also pleased to just talk.

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