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3 Tourist Attractions In Northern Nigeria You Should Visit

There are a lot of tourist destinations across the nation. Northern Nigeria is not left out as there are quite a number of tourist attractions to visit. Travelling and exploring has many benefits. Keep reading to know 3 tourist attractions in Northern Nigeria. Sit back, and let us go on a virtual tour!

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1. Kajuru Castle, Kaduna State. Located in Kajuru village, Southern Kaduna; the Kajuru Castle was built between the years of 1981 and 1989. The Castle is built in a medieval style, it is often described as an African version of the Bavarian Castle. It has a baronial styled hall, alongside a big knight's hall and several rooms over the three floors. There is also a pool for relaxation. The Kajuru Castle is definitely a great tourist attraction to visit.

A beautiful view of the Kajuru Castle

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2 . Yankari National Park, Bauchi State. Popularly called the Yankari Game Reserve, this tourist attraction is located in the south-central part of Bauchi State. There are several natural warm water springs, and also a wide variety of plants and animals. As a tourist, you get to watch the wild animals in their natural habitat.

The Wikki Camp is the tourist centre of the park. Named after one of the warm springs, the camp features a 110 room chalet as well as a restaurant, bar, and conference centre. There is also a museum stocked with a variety of items like tusks, skins and hides, hunting traps, and many more. A visit to the Yankari National Park will definitely be a delight to those who love adventure.

Different Views of the Yankari Game Reserve

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3. Gurara Waterfalls, Niger State. Close to the Capital city of Abuja, the Gurara Waterfalls is a great tourist destination. It is a perfect spot for lovers of nature. You can swim, have a picnic, and also watch birds. It is safest to swim in the river during the dry season. The fall is at its peak between April and November, and at its lowest between January and March. Make plans to visit this beautiful tourist attraction when next you are in the area.

A view of the Gurara Waterfalls

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Which of these Northern tourist attractions will you love to visit? Have you been to any of them? Let me hear from you in the comments below.

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