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Do You Remember The Most Beautiful Mosque In Southwest. See All Interior And Exterior Decorations

Few days ago, somebody published an articleon social media that he has found the most beautiful in southwest Nigeria.

But I was so amazed that how could someone just come to social media and rate one mosque as the number one and most beautiful he has ever seen among thousands of mosques built in southwest.

As a critical thinker, I was dragging it with my mind that this must not be truth. So I decided to travel to the place where the mosque was located for proper finding on what I saw on social media because I hate accepting something dogmatically.

When I get there, I snapped different pictures both interior and exterior of the mosque to use as an evidence to present for the people I informed about the purpose of my travel.

It is true that no in southwest mosques can compete with this mosque where talking about in this article when it comes to rating.

I didn't know that what the guy published was just tip of the iceberg, both interior and exterior of the mosque are so beautiful. I can't predict the one that will take the lead between Abuja mosque and this one.

To testifies to what I have been saying, scroll down to see different pictures I snapped by myself.

This is the main gateThe front view of the mosqueThis the full viewThis is the women walkway to inside mosque

This is the side viewThis is the men's walkway.This is the vicinity of the mosque

This is the back side of the mosqueYou can see the CCTV camera in the ablution room

This is where you will wash your hands when you through with deficationFront view of ablution roomInside mosqueYou can see the interior decorationsThis another view of interior decorationsThis is the full view of ablution room

You can see my own picture as an evidence of this article

Infact this is truly number one of all the mosques in southwest Nigeria and I hope you can confirm this with me, if you vividly view the pictures above.

You can't believe that it was built by one family popularly known as "Mogaji oba" for remembrance of their father "Alhaji idrees fasasi".

I implore you to pray for this family for great contribution they made in the progress of their religion

Content created and supplied by: Olumbamedianews (via Opera News )

Abuja Mogaji oba Nigeria Southwest


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