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Egypt, Russia, and 5 other Countries that are located in two Continents

Here are ; countries who lie on two continents (Transcontinental)

1. Egypt

Egypt, having been in existence since biblical considered one of the oldest countries in the world. Majority of its territory lie in Northern Africa...while the Northeastern part of the country sits in the Middle east, in the Asian peninsula.

2 out Egypt's 27 governorates ( Adninistrative divisions), are located on the sinai peninsula which is in Asia.... While another two (Ismailia governorate, & Suez governorate) are transcontinental.

[Ismailia - Egypt]

2. Turkey

Turkey , one of the world's earliest permanently settled regions, is situated in both Europe and Asia.

The country sits entirely on the Anatolian peninsula in Western Asia....with a little part lying in Southeastern the Balkan peninsula to be precise.

Two of the country's most popular cities - Istanbul , and Canakkale are transcontinental.

[Istanbul - Turkey]

3. Russia

Russia, the biggest country in the world, is transcontinental.

A sizeable part of the country lies in Asia (Northern Asia)....with the remainder in Eastern Europe....but still it is considered a European country.

4. Azerbaijan

The country of Azerbaijan is one of the independent Turkic states. Its territory lie in both Europe and Asia.

5 of the country's districts are located in Europe, 1(district of Khizi) is located between Asia and Europe, while 53 other districts lie mainly on the Asian continent.

Despite all is still regarded as a European nation.

5. Kazakhstan

Majority of Kazakhstan is in Central Asia...only a smaller portion lies in Europe.

Atyrau, and West Kazakhstan provinces are situated on both the European and Asian lands.

2 of the districts in Atyrau province are in Europe, another 3 districts lie in Asia, while the last two are transcontinental. Western Kazakhstan province has 5 districts which all Lie in Europe, another 5 districts lying in the Asian Continent, and 1 other...which is transcontinental.

6. Georgia

Georgia has part of its Territory situated in the Caucasus region, which serves as a boundry between Europe and Asia.

7. Panama

The Panama Canal which is one of the most popular water ways in the world, separates North and South America.... and Panama sits on both sides of it, implying that the country lies on the 2 Continents.

[Panama canal]

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