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Greek Myth: Meet The Half Eagle, Half Lion Monster Known As Griffin

Greek mythology is one of the most brilliantly constructed belief structure ever. It is filled with wonderful tales of cunning and bravery from both gods and men interspersed with fables of awesome beasts. One of these beasts is the Griffin, a creature that could strike fear into the heart of any man. 

Read on to learn more about the Griffin.

What is a Griffin?

A griffin (also spelled griffon and gryphon), is a mythological monster that has a Lion's body and wings but it's head is that of an Eagle.

The Griffin appears in many Greek tales and it was believed by many people in ancient Greece to be the guardian of a stash of gold known as the gold of Scynthia (due to the fact that the gold is located in the ancient city of Sycnthia).

Many archaeologists today believe that the inspiration for the Griffin must have come from the statues of winged lions commonly found in Syrian buildings like temples, courtyards and palaces.

What do you think? Is there a possibility that these creatures could exist at all or is it all a complete hoax? Please share your views on this matter by commenting.

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