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10 Useful Inventions you never knew were existing.

Have ever thaught why some things have not been invented, maybe it just because you don't know they actually do. There so many things that exist that we don't know about always we look them up, today with the help of brightside we have been able to get about ten funny or even unexpected inventions that are really existing.

Next time you think life is not really simplified just check up some inventions you won't believe exist that can help out of your present condition, it might just shock you.

This chip can has an hooker which helps you grab the chip without diping your hand.

The door light help indicate were the owners is at presently, either office, streets or evening that is is late to visit.

This leashes invented helps people to know how to relate with dogs I know their character.

This garage has lights on it that indicates if a car is parked in which it will show red, while green is if it open.

This fence was created to have a dog window, so that it would know who is passing by, neighbor or foe.

This shower handle has a thermometer that shows the temperature of the water.

This building also has a thermometer in it.

This plane has TV on each chairs that allows passengers to see what the pilots sees.

A comfortable chair for two in a theatre.

Tissue tablet, this is said to be one of the most underated inventions, all you just have to do is put in a waterproof container and then a tissue paper or hand towel pops up

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