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7 Services You Can Render To The Ultra Rich And That Can Make You Rich

You Could Be Rich Solving Any Of These 7 Problems For The Ultra Rich

There are different kinds of people with different perception of money and value. These perception build our attitudes around why, where, how, when, who and what product we purchase at any given time.

But when you observe the categories of customers, the sophisticated and influential customers have their unique class of needs crafted within that status as the ultra rich.

Two basic things are very important to them when it comes to their needs, which are; value and time. The ultra rich go after quality, not price.

The one big problem you should be bothered about is, how do you get your first few jobs. If that part is solved, the rest is history. They are good at spreading the word (recommendation). The are very likely to tell their other affluent friends.

So, Here Are 7 Services You Can Render To The Ultra Rich And Make Cool Money:

1. Private Shopper: They have problem with lifting weighty bags filled with clothes or groceries.

Apart from restocking the groceries and changing wardrobes, your job will include keeping tabs on designer trends, location of luxury malls, and knowing their current body measurements to get clothes that fits.

2. Luxury Tour Guide: You can make their travel and tourism memorable by making it exclusive and unique. Gain access to rare places.

Make use of unconventional means of transportation during the tour, like having a top view of a city with the help of an helicopter, or having boat ride with a luxury yatch.

3. Travel Agent: Your job will include arranging for visas, luxury hotels and flight bookings, and also making the currency exchange and money of their destination available before travels.

4. Luxury Ticket Booking For Events: The ultra rich individuals love privacy a lot even in their leisure hangouts. Your jobs to acquire the best of the best when it comes to reserved spots and the best service that goes with the package.

5. Home Clinic: If You are an experience medical practitioner, you could negotiate having a little clinic within their premises to give them exclusive and timely service.

Most especially if they have elderly ones in the family. But be sure to bring in few nurses and stock up essential drugs.

6. High Tech System: If there is one thing the rich hate so much, is stress. They fantasize getting things done with just a wipe of a finger, from room temperature control, TV, sound system, curtains, lightings and cameras. Technology has made all that possible.

You could do installation of high tech gadgets and smart home equipment that can be controlled from a tab-like device.

7. Luxury Car Upgrade, Servicing And Repair: If you are great in handling cars, you could specialize on few luxury brands.

Give valuable services in car upgrades, servicing and repairs. You could even handle part purchase and replacement.

Besides having a physical office that can be reachable by these folks, a good media presence and high level of recommendation is a must. Any service you choose to render to your ultra rich clients should definitely be top notch as value is what they crave for.

What other services do you think would be both fun and rewarding that can be rendered to the wealthy? Share your opinion by commenting below.

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