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See 15 Incredible Pics Showing How Much The World Has Changed In The Last 100 Years.

Whether we resist it or not, change is inevitable. Hence, resisting change is just a futile efforts because I strongly believe that man's existence is a solid evidence that change is the "Singular" constant thing in life.

Have you ever tried to make a comparison of our present livelihood to what it looked like as a child? Please note that I am not referring to how our body has matured or developed, what I meant is how our society and the world at large has changed. It is a fact that most places we all grew up at now cease to exist. Infact, if we go back to some of this childhood places, we might not even recognize them.

However, if the world can change so much within just 10 to 40 years, what do you think has happened in the last 100 years? Well, this article contains na compilation of fifteen (15) pictures of distinct places that shows how much they have changed in the last 100years. Read And Enjoy.

1. Take a look at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin in Germany.

2. This is the Cavenagh Bridge over the Singapore river.

3. After over 100years, see the transition.

4. Take a look at what Seoul in Korea looked like.

5. This is an area view of Baku in Azerbaijan. Compare!

6. This is the Piazza del Duomo located in Milan, Italy.

7. Take a look at the famous Sydney town hall in Sydney, Australia.

8. The popular Colosseum located in Rome, Italy.

9. After over 100years, see how the Palace of fine arts in Mexico City has evolved.

10. Look at the famous Great Wall of China.

11. Look at the Kukulkan Temple located in France.

12. This is the popular Eiffel tower, Paris in France.

13. Take a look a the Sabir Garden in Baku, Azerbaijan.

14. A street(Yonge Street) in Toronto, Canada.

15. This is the times square, New York. A lot of transition happened.

In conclusion, I would like to ask a question- how has your society changed in the last 10,20,30,40,50,60 or even 100 years? Please share your opinion in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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