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See The Only Place In The World Where People Live Under The Earth(Photos)

Underground houses are one of the oldest kinds of houses in the history of the world. Living in underground houses dates back to the back to the 17th century, when modern house systems were not yet made available.

Egypt is one the countries that have a high number of underground houses as they are the number one country with a lasting expertise in architecture.

A town named Coober Pedy in Australia is known as the world's underground city. The place has caught the attention of the world as most of its inhabitants live in under the ground.

The town which is sparsely populated has its houses built underground to save its inhabitants from the brutal cold and heat of the winter and summer periods. 

Outside the city:

Inside the city:


Living in underground houses surely sounds and feels really cool, but most people are now used houses on the surface of the Earth, but this people have made living inside the earth worth admiring. 

What do you think about living in an underground house?

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