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“City of Heaven”- See Beautiful Pictures of Chengdu's City located in China. (Photo)

Planning a trip to Chengdu? Tianfu Square, the Chengdu landmark, stands in the center of downtown Chengdu. For anyone who travels to Chengdu it is a must-see. It is said that in 347 B.C., when in ancient times the king of ancient SHU State (Sichuan Province was called SHU State) transferred his capital to Chengdu, Tianfu Square made the heart of the city.

Having been renovated for many centuries, Tianfu Square has become one of Chengdu's most popular attractions for locals and travelers, both from home and abroad. When you're heading to Chengdu, it's easy to take a Chengdu metro to this city center.Chengdu's Tianfu Square is a wide rectangular area with diverse water wells.

The imposing statue of President Mao Zedong is situated on one side of the square, and the Sichuan Museum of Science and Technology stands behind the statue. The wondrous water show, synchronized with music, is spurted from the fountains when the sky turns night, dark or midday. This draws many to see this stunning water show and enjoy it.

See Beautiful Pictures of Chengdu's city.

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