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Christmas spirit and Good will message

Hi am Catherine. Is been a while and I chose this very day to write again.

Merry Christmas all

Now let's talk about Christmas spirit.

We all know the history of the celebration of Christmas. Today we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our savior .

Most people travel on this very day or before to reunite with their families and friends and loved one. But then sometimes we misunderstand what Christmas is all about.

Things that happen during Christmas

During Christmas people travel and even those who don't travel still participate in the celebration. Houses are decorated, Christmas trees are lit, and santa brings present in some areas while some get presents for their loved onesall these and more. But Christmas isn't a holiday to exchange gifts and eat turkey or decorate houses because all these can be done on a normal day. Christmas is the remembrance of our savior....our Lord Jesus Christ...his birth day....the day salvation came to Earth...

It's a day to meditate and celebrate. So as much as we all enjoy this beautiful holiday called Christmas we shouldn't be caught up in the material aspect of it. We should also remember the church aspect. Christmas be thankful for our savior and also thankful for being alive to witness it...and to give thanks to unite with Loved one's

Christmas brings a lot of joy to the world... Christmas is the greatest gift of God..the gift of life.. gift of love... happiness... peace and salvation.

As we enjoy this wonderful day and the rest of the holidays till the new year..may all our desires both general and private be granted to us ...and may all reading this and everyone else in the world be blessed to cross over to the new year of 2021..

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year.


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Catherine Jesus Jesus Christ


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