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Nigerians, Never Call This A Packer. This Is What You Should Say Instead.

Nigeria is a very beautiful country with beautiful people. Nigerians are really endowed with knowledge. They tend to be so creative. They tend to create their own words. These words are not dictionary words but Nigerian-made - English.

One thing that amazes me is that Nigerians speak these words with confidence. They speak these words as if they are grammatically correct. They don't actually know that such words are not correct and doesn't even exist in the dictionary.

Well, ignorance is not good. Ignorance kills. It's high time Nigerians learnt the correct form of these words they mis-use. So, when they travel out of the country they don't get to disgrace themselves.

One of the wrong words Nigerians use is the word 'packer'. I am also guilty of this. When growing up, I used this word very well. Infact, my family used this word too.

"Bring the Packer here" my mum would say. Little did she know that she was speaking trash.

Packers are something used to pack our dirts. This word actually sounds funny. I think Nigerians originated this word 'packer'from the word 'pack'.

Probably they thought:

'Since we use this thing to pack our dirts, then, it should be called a 'packer'.

This actually sounds funny but I think that's where the idea came from.

What Then Is The Correct Word?

The correct word is 'dustpan' not 'packer'.

A dust pan is a flat scoop with a short handle, into which dust, dirt and other material is conveyed with a brush or a broom.

Now you know, never call it a packer. It's a dust pan.

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