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God is Great: See the Top Most Beautiful Places in the world (check no. 8)

There are many beautiful places in the world and many of them you might have heard of and might want to visit. But you realize that does places were once local in the past, and with i would show you the origin of such places.

1, Oia, Santorini, Greece:

Oia is one destination you have seen without knowing, Oia is located on the northwestern tip of Santorini,in a Greek Aegean Island, its also a coastal town, which makes it more beautiful. It stands at the end of the cliff tops and it over looks the vast caldera filled with water.The Oia area has the best sunset views.



2, Dubai United Arab Emirates:

. Dubai is a emirate in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is home to the most luxurious cars, the richest people with elite rulers and some billionaires. its famously known for its very tall buildings The Burj Khaliffa, an 830m- tall tower ( the tallest building in the world till now), with its landscape filled with skyscrapers and beautiful light fountains it is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.Dubai was considered to be a fishing city in the 18th century around 1822, when it was ruled by the then ruler,  Sheikh Tahnun bin Shakhbut of Abu Dhabi



3, Shenzhen, China:

Shenzhen is considered the silicon valley of hardware. You would not believe the advancement that this city has achieved over the past 100 years. It would amaze you to know that Shenzhen is the first city in the world to have its entire public transport vehicles totally electric, yes electric. Shenzhen is best known for their creativity and their value to the tech industry, but was not always that way, Shenzhen became a city officially in 1979, it took its name from the then, former town. Most of its residents were farmers and traders, until when the city started creating hardware for major companies in the united states and across the entire globe, around the end of the 50's, it then quickly developed and is now a world leading tech city.



4, Seoul, South Korea:

The people of Seoul were always hardworking. South Korea faced very tough times as of the Korean war, which was a war between North Korea and South Korea. The war began on 25 June 1950, when North Korea was invaded by South Korea which steered a hard long fight, at this point the land was covered with severe suffering, so as their counterpart (North Korea, a democratic country), this was also at the end of the World War II, the soviet Union and United States liberated Korea from imperial Japanese colonials. since then the city has thrived, it is also the capital of South Korea, it is a huge metropolis, with Modern skyscrapers and Fast speed trains, high tech subways too, notable Buddhist temples. It has a lot of remarkable landmarks and is so visited by thousands if thousands of people every year.



5, Lagos, Nigeria:

t. Lagos, is Nigeria's largest city with a said 17.5 million people on its surface ( as of 2018), It started booming in size since the dawn of the 19th century, before then it served as a route for business, goods, commodities,textiles, gold and other valuables, which were shipped out of the country from Kano, Ibadan, Sokoto and as far as commodities from Egypt. The city continued to boom and it exploded the 1960's where it then became the trade center of the country and as thus it population grew. This was also around the time the nation got independence from their colonial masters.

It is home to some of the famous landmarks, it is also holds Victoria Island the financial metropolis, its also known for beach resorts (with horse riding and beautiful waters),it holds some of the most beautiful houses and the most expensive homes and apartments, it has a very lovely night life, clubs and relaxation centers, it has a detailed museum on the history of the country and of Africa, The National Museum Lagos, displaying cultural artifacts and crafts. Nigeria is home to the some of the most influential people around, so its a good breeding ground, and because of these mentioned things there is a lot of tourism around.



6, CAPE TOWN, Africa:

No doubt that south Africa is one of the most beautiful places around. But as one of the capitals among three (Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein).

In south Africa the amount of yearly tourist visit is around 50 million, of which around 25 million are generated from tourists visiting the Cape Town, this is because of the popular tourist attraction in south Africa and also their rich landmarks and visiting points, around the entire country. If you are considering a nice place you should consider South Africa.



6, NEW York:

Well there are many parts to the famous New York, like the famous NYU, and the Harlem part of the state. New York was named by the British to the Duke if York and Albany. New York kept on growing since the 60's and has since then developed into one of the finest places.The famous Statue of liberty is in New York, so is the Empire State building, It is known for its developed road structures, skyscrapers, museums and many other beautiful places around, like the central park, it has good food also, which make it splendid.

Then and Now:


Beijing city was established from over 3000 years ago, in the western Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC - 771 BC) It has since then payed huge roles in the entire north china. Beijing is home to some 21.5 million people and it holds some of the most beautiful places in earth, with beautiful gardens and the best of temples, with a very developed kind of transport and technology. Beijing also holds a lot of skyscrapers which makes it exotic.

Then and Now:

8, Wuhan, City in CHINA:

Wuhan,is the capital of central China's Hubei province.It is a commercial center and it is home to a whooping 11.08 million people. You ever hair people saying the best airport in the world is the Singapore changi Airport, well Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is among that list definitely. Some of its famous landmarks are the Hubei provincial museum, The yellow crane Tower, Beach park and other places. It is also surrounded by tall buildings too, making it a wonderful destination for visiting.


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