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Enugu International Airport ready for reopening

The Enugu International Airport which was closed somethimes last year for renovation, is now sheduled for reopening after completion of the renovation work, and the building of a new airport terminal. The new airport terminal is one of the five awarded by the Federal government in the last administration. They were awarded to the Chinease. The airport runway was also resurfaced and extended. This will make the airport safer, and accommodate bigger passenger traffic.

Two of the five airport terminals awarded to the Chinease have been completed, and the rest are in final stages of completion. Abuja and Kano have been completed, while Lagos and Portharcout are approaching completion.

The closure of the Enugu International Airport made life difficult for air travellers in the eastern part of Nigeria. Passengers are excited in anticipation of the reopening of the airport. Air travel remains one of the safest, and fastest means of transportation in Nigeria. The roads remain not so safe for travellers, and rail transportation is not yet everywhere in the country. Though roads are being worked on, and more rail lines are being built, it is still not enough. Passengers could get kidnapped or killed, or have an accident while traveling on the roads.

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