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Iconic places you should Visit before leaving planet Earth (stunning photos)

The Prague castle in Czech Republic is a beauty to behold.

The world is a beautiful place and traveling they say is part of education.

While this life is here today but tomorrow it is gone, while still alive we must endeavor to exploit and enjoy them all. One of the most interesting ways to enjoy life is by visiting famous and iconic places of the world.

If you literally agree with me, then let me take you on an adventure, together we will be seeing some iconic places every human ought to visit before leaving planet Earth.

Travelling have health benefits like, it reduces depression, controls aging and develops your brain.

Below are some of the iconic places in no particular order.

The iconic Eiffelt tower Paris France

The beautiful Venezia in Italy

Visit the beautiful Chicago and explore her unimaginable landscape

The magical and yet beautiful city of Florence Italy

The Iconic city of Venice in Rome

The fascinating and beautiful Dublin Ireland

This is Lagos in Nigeria

Visit the beautiful city of calabar, Cross River in Nigeria

The yalong tropical paradise iconic Glass Bridge 🌉 in China

Visit Rome at night. A sight to treasure

The iconic and beautiful Vlex Port Montreal

Visit and tour through the scary mountain glass Bridge in China

Welcome to Geneva in Switzerland

 Visit TINAPA in Cross Rivers state Nigeria

Imagine you and your family at the beautiful glass Bridge in China, Iconic

Consider Italy in your visiting menu

 Vancouver Canada is a thing of beauty

Lisbon silk club Portugal

Visit Lagos city of Nigeria. A place to explore

The Dublin Bridge in Ireland

 The magnificent and beautiful glass Bridge in Asia China

There are so many beautiful and iconic places to visit, why not start exploring from where you are.

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