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Bonny island: the most beautiful Island in Nigeria

Bonny Island is beautifully situated on the southern edge of the River State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. An island that houses some of the world's most sought-after resources (oil, gas and chemicals), and also living up to it's status as the true beauty of the state. It is not only the pride of the state but also among nigeria's "golden gooses" whose "eggs" feed most parts of the country.

This exquisite islands serves as the seat of a traditional state known as the Kingdom of Bonny. Bonny was founded by a priest king known as Ndoli. Ndoli and his successors were the founding group of Bonny Island. The local language spoken in the island is Ibani, igbo language is also spoken by many of the natives.

The Bonny Island stands out as one of Nigeria's most vibrant and colorful communities. The city holds several historical and economical symbolism for the federation, and it's unbelievable coastline as well as strategic position attracts alot of tourist.

The main draw if the island is the beautiful natural environment, although it also has a handful of low-key attractions which includes; Bonny natura park, and popular eco-tourism spot. The park doesn't just cover the rain forest, mangrove swamps and areas of sandy soil with fresh water ponds, it harbors numerous creatures, hippos, reptiles and different species of birds.

Another interesting attraction site is the Bonny Island Finima which is surrounded on the west and south by long stretches of beach. It is the most visited part of the island, attractions many tourists and fun seeking inhabitants. The Finima community area also hosts various multinational oil companies including Royal Dutch shell, Mobil, Chevron, Agip and Elf.

The island also features several guest house and comfortable hide aways, schools, supermarkets, airstrip etc made specifically for tourists. The island is currently undergoing several developmental upgrade to make it the "Dubai of Africa".

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