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"No Wonder They're So Powerful"- See 10 Unusual Security Features In The White House

The United States of America is one of the most influential and powerful countries in the world. Some people call USA the "world police".

But what does USA have to shows the world that they're indeed the strongest in the world?

Well, a look into their amazing security features of the white house will make you believe they are.

Without further ado, let's take a look at those features:

1) Tourism inspection and restrictions:

Surely it would not be cool for them to restrict people from visiting and exploring the white house. So, considering the potential harm of opening the site to tourists make cause, they put in some security checks before accepting visitors.

This is seen as all intending visitors would have to write an application 21 days before they're approved.

2) Food testing:

Knowing no body is to be trusted with the safety of the president, a food tester is always available to test the food of the president before it is served to him.

3) Armed Drones:

They've been cases of spy drones invading the white house. So considering this, the white house has been secured with numerous armed drones. The drones are capable of shooting down every spy drone, immediately they detect it.

4) Concrete barriers:

The fence of the white house looks really fragile, but no truck or heavy duty vehicle can break into through them. This is because of the construction of very strong concrete barriers that defend the fence from external infiltration.

5) Watch dogs:

The Bigian Millianes are one of the most effective security watch dogs in the world. These dogs were the ones used in catching Osama Bin Laden. The White house has this dogs moving about in the area with police men inspecting every movement around the place.

6) No fly zone:

Long ago a pilot had landed his plane in the white house. So to avoid this from happening again the government has placed a barn on flying any aircraft around the environment.

7) Bullet proof windows:

Ever wondered how the white house could stand secured with just glass windows, even in the presidents office?

Well, they're actually really secure, as the glasses used in the windows are not just normal types of glass, but are all ballistic glasses.

Ballistic glasses are the strongest glasses in the world and bullet proof technology are also infused in the ones used in the white house.

So now you see how powerful using just glass for windows can be.

8) Sensitive fence and Gates:

The fences of the white house are not too high and looks really fragile. But the fact is they hyper sensitive when and would signal security alerts during any intrusion.

9) Integrated web detectors:

Infared web sensors are also in place in the white house. Helping to spot any movement in the area.

10) Secret agents:

With all this security measures, about 1200,000 secret agents are still actively on guard in case of any course for alarm. They don't move in groups so they can't be detected.

11) Missile strike system:

A missile system is also in place to fire a strike on any intruders who try to attack the house, this leaves those who disobey the "no fly zone" law in grave danger.

12) Secret bunker:

They know that no matter how secure the white house is, they can't fully protect the president from harm during occasions and tourism by visitors. So to keep the president safe, a secret bunker was built to keep him safe in times of trouble and to make an escape route for him when his life is in danger.

That's all I could get for now.

What do you think about these features? And which number do you think is the best?

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