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This Crater Was Supposed To Burn For Few Hours, But Its Been Burning For 49 Years

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This Crater Was Supposed To Burn For Few Hours, But Its Been Burning For 49 Years

Door To Hell - A crater that's been burning for 49 years and counting.

Popularly called "Door to Hell", the famous burning pit is located in Turkmenistan, Karakum Desert to be precised. The crater is 69 metres wide and 30 metres deep.

The door to hell became a 230-foot wide burning hole back in 1971.

Records have it that some Geologist purposely set it on fire to prevent the spread of methane gas, they hoped it was going to burn just for some few days, but it kept burning for days, weeks, months, years and still burns today.

These scientists/Geologist group had initially set up a platform looking for natural gas reserves. Unfortunately the rig collapsed and fearing the spread of dangerously poisoned methane gas, the scientists decided to set the crater on fire with hopes of it burning out in hours, but 49+ years has passed and the pit still burns.

The President of the country at some point asked for the pit to be covered but it seemed like an uphill task, the place was then made to become a significant tourist centre that welcomes all walks of life across the globe.

Would you believe that someone has entered the burning pit before, and he's not an American, not a Russian, not even a Nigerian (jokes). He's a Canadian. The first and only man in history thats been recorded to go into the severely burning pit. But did he come out alive? Keep reading.

In 2014, George Kourounis who's an explorer from Canada decided to take the risky step of going the burning pit with the aim of collecting soil samples and to observe the kind of living organisms that survived there. He confirmed that the living organisms found there are yet to be seen living on normal land, that prompted him to tag the place as another planet because it housed organisms that can be referred to as Aliens.

The main purpose for all these risk was to ascertain if Human can survive in such a hash environment.

The man confirmed that the heat that rises from the flames was extremely devastating, hotter than anything you could think off. He was trained by a Hollywood expert on how to withstand fire by being thrown into normal fire a number of times. He also wore an apparatus for special breathing to enable him withstand the intense heat, he wore a heat reflection suit and a customised climbing harness made out of kevlar to avoid melting. He successfully came out alive.

This is somewhere I would love to visit, get close and feel the hotness. At least let the sight and hotness remind me of what the real hell fire would look like.

Having read all of these, could this be a replica of hell fire?, how can a fire burn without end if it isn't hell fire. The only difference could be that Hell fire has no end, but this has an end.

- This Crater Was Supposed To Burn For Few Hours, But Its Been Burning For 49 Years

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Crater Karakum Desert Turkmenistan


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