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Who are the Tungs Family, are they the Real Owners of Oriental Hotel in Lagos? See Their History

Many people assumed that one of Lagos finest and luxurious hotels called Lagos Oriental Hotel is owned by Bola Ahmed Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State and was rumoured to be burned down.

However, that is not true and because of that the hotel management quickly responded on Friday (Yesterday), with a designed sign placed in front of the logo Oriental Hotel stating that "the hotel does not belong to Tinubu, it belongs to the Tung Family 100%" accustomed with the Nigerian and Chinese flags on it.

Many are now wondering who are the Tung family, and how true is their claim of ownership to the Oriental Hotel.

Well history and familiarity with ones total environment are so important in this text. So read on to find out their history. 

Many Nigerians have never heard about the Tung family that have been in this country for almost as long as Nigeria has existed as an independent nation!

The Tungs are one of the four earliest British/Chinese families from Hong-Kong, that established in Nigeria in the 1960s: They are Kwang Lee, John Tung, ZM Chen and Robert Chen of WAHUM Group, and Cha Chin-Ming of the Cha textile manufacturing group.

John Tung of the Newco Group was the first big Chinese business man to arrive in Nigeria in 1960. He was already successful in Hong-Kong before branching out to Nigeria in search of bigger markets for their enamelware products.

In the 1960s and 70s, Nigeria was the biggest overseas market for Chinese enamel products from Hong Kong. Such as cooking pots, big circled trays, bowls, cups etc...

KF Tung (1922-2019) was a cousin to John Tung. He is 5th childishly of the 6 Tung brothers of his branch of the family. In 1968, he established Universal (Nigeria) Ltd, manufacturers of enamelware, kerosene lamps and stoves.

He later formed Western Metal Products Company (WEMPCO), manufacturing steel products, and grew it into the largest steel mill in Africa, catering to more than 60% of Nigerians steel needs.

The current Chairman of WEMPCO, is Lewis Tung (on the right side with hands in the suit). He is a second generation Tung in Nigeria. On the left side is his brother Robert Tung who is the Group Director. They are the brains behind it.

(Left Hand)Lewis Tung and his brother Robert Tung (Right Hand)

This is a picture of The Tung family in 1970. In the middle is John Tung (Founder of Newco Group).

Moreover, the WEMPCO group has more than 10 subsidiaries, including Omo Wood Industry in Ogun state as well as ceramic & nails manufacturing. Nevertheless, the group produces a wide range of building and associated materials; roofing sheets, galvanized pipes, wire nails, plywood, ceramic tiles and sanitary ware. They are also actively involved in agricultural and hospitality sectors.

Oriental Hotel is also one of them, as it belongs to them in which they are said to own more than 90% interest.

So Yes The Tungs Family are definitely the real owners of Oriental Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria.

Source: Gbénró Adégbolá (@GbenroAdegbola)— Editorial Books Publisher & Tech Enthusiasts

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