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Some Of The Biggest Culture Shocks Faced In China

There are some most difficult things to get used to in china wish is as a result of the culture and believe in tradition. Some are stated below.

Everything involving going to the bathroom.

a.The first thing you notice are the toilets, which are not western toilets but squatty potties.Okay fine, you get used to that. After dropping a massive dump, you need to use toilet paper. Shit, this is when you realize that public restrooms don’t carry toilet paper for you to use, you should’ve brought your own. Now you have to beg a stranger to give you some tissue to use. Okay, now that you’ve got that whole debacle out of the way, you also have to get accustomed to not flushing your toilet paper. That’s right, there’s a little receptacle next to the toilet for you to put your used toilet paper in.

2. Prices. If eat out nearly every day and rarely spend more than $3. It’s amazing. Other than at sit down restaurants, you only spend more than $4 on a meal if you get American fast food E.g. KFC, Burger King, etc.

3. The smoking! Smoking is ubiquitous. Everywhere you go there are people smoking.

4. It’s ironic after the last one, but air masks. The smog is pretty bad on some days in Shanghai, so some people try hard to wreck their lungs while some are extremely concerned about preserving theirs.

5. The efficiency. There are 25 million people who live in Shanghai alone, so thank goodness the government has done a good job with public transportation. The city is larger than the size of the state of Delaware in area but it rarely costs more than 1 USD to travel anywhere on the subway (see point 2). However, the metro can get pretty crazy at times.

6. The sheer size of China. You should be accustomed to it, but I’m taking a trip to do some hiking later and it’s a 24 hour train ride! It’s ridiculous. And want to know the crazy part? The standing tickets are sold out. That’s because it is the Chinese New Year and it’s the biggest mass migration event in history, every single year, because people all go home to their families.

7. Spitting! A lot of guys just hock up a loogie and spit wherever they are, even in the metro station! That's probably the biggest culture shock.

8. Being interesting. People will literally line up to take pictures with me because I look so different from all of them! It's much more common in rural areas where they've never seen an American in their life. They'll even walk up and immediately start touching your hair to see what it feels like. It was a huge shock the first time!

So far those are the biggest culture shocks you will likely have from visiting China and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

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