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Man Living In a Plane Made His Home Look Unique

A 64-year-old retired electrical engineer, Bruce Campbell, has shown how creative his mind Can be, he bought a 10 acre of land for 25,000 dollars in Oregon, with a clear vision of what he intended to do with it, he took an old airplane, and merged it with his beautiful purchased land and produced something unique for the eyes to behold.while growing up Campbell always had this urge to fiddle with old objects and create new things. The idea he had for his piece of land was to transform it into a place he can lay his head and call home, he didn't just want to create the random modern home every individual is familiar with, he was bent on creating something unique, something odd, he wanted to do something that'll leave people in a state of awe, so he did his home out of several freighters, to him it seemed like a very innovative idea.

He was tempted to make such decisions after he duped the idea from Joanne Ussery, a hairdresser from Mississippi who bought a Boeing 722 and transformed it into her home.

Her previous House was destroyed due to uncontrolled fire hazard, so she chose to renovate a plane situated close to a quiet river, Campbell thought over this very much then he decided to come up with his own.

He bought a Boeing 727 aircraft from Olympic airways for a whooping sum of 100,000 dollars, now the problem he was faced with was transportation, how possible would it be to move his newly acquired aircraft from Athens, Greece to the forest in Oregon, the transportation cost about 120,000 dollars which meant that he paid 220,000 dollars for the plane, in his own opinion it was all worth it.

He made the inside of the plane appear and feel comfortable to all, he left most of the original parts of the plane untouched, like the seats and toilet.

His new home had a lot of space but he lived weirdly, he slept on a futon, cooked using a microwave and a toaster, lived on cereals and canned food, he lived an impoverished life If you ask me. You may not be living in such an environment but you have to admit what he did with the plane was quite amazing to take a look at.

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