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Top astonishing tourist places in the world; that turns out to be the best places in the world

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note : they are many best places in the world but this mentioned below are some of the best places I can recommend in this article. you can follow me for more amazing places and things in the world.

1. The magical salt flat of Salah De Uyuni

Salah De Uyuni or Salah De tunupa is one of the world widest and astonished place, located in Potusi and Oruro department in Bolivia. It's also know as the world largest salt pan and one of the strangest places in the world.

This place is the remaining of the prehistoric lake that dried off and left behind void space of bright white salt, rock formations and cactic island. It also harbour large flocks of beautiful pink flamingo that can be seen gazing in the water.

The month of October and July is the best time to visit this place.

2. Lake NatronThe alkaline water in lake Natron has a pH as high as 10.5 and it's so caustic that it can burn the skin and eyes of any animals the are not adapted to it, turning them into statues through calcification. The lake is located in Tanzania and the best time visiting it is around June to August.

3. Die Rakotzbrucke also know as the know as the devil's bridge.

This bridge was constructed in the 19th century also famed for it's unique construction accuracy. It's located Altes schloB 11, 02953 Gablenz Germany, and the best time visiting it is around may to December.

4. Spotted lake khilukthis is the most mineralised lake in the world, spotted with 365 separated pools arrange in a strange mosaic like pattern. Each spots holds a unique and highly concentrated chemical content and it's said to cure different diseases. It's located in the northwest of Osoyoos, British Columbia, it is best visited around April to October.

5. The underwater parkthis also one of the weirdest and nice place where in every summer the snow from the peaks starts to melt and fresh water starts to flow from the valley turning it into an underwater park. It's located in Australia and best visited around April to may.

6. The Eternal flame fallsthis is a quaint small water fall located in shale creek preserve. It has a small item at the waterfall's base emit natural gas and can be lit to produce a flame. It's located in New York, US and best visited around April to October.

7. The tunnel of lovethis place turns out to be like a fairly tale beautiful and cool place for couples to take their morning and evening stroll. It located in Ukraine and best visited in may.

8. The sea of starsbioluminescent sea planktonic sea that shines blue at night making the see area looks like a place where stars are stored. It's located in Maldives and best visited around may to November.

Where would you love to go to from the above places mentioned if you have the opportunity.

Thanks for reading.

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