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See These Awesome Pictures Of The First Home Ever Built From An Airplane, And The Owner.

When Bruce Campbell finished his Boeing 727 Airplane home in the forest of Hillsboro, Oregon, many were amazed at his creative instinct to figure out such a beautiful home out of an airplane. But Bruce Campbell isn't the first to come up with such a creative ideas. He was inspired by Joanne Ussery, a hairdresser from Mississippi who bought a Boeing 727 plane and transformed it into her home.

Here is the lady - Joanne Userry, she was left looking for a new home after she lost her home to ice storm. But instead of another brick built home she opted for the extraordinary.

She bought the Boeing 727 Airplane which was retired from commercial flight just less than 12 months in 1994 and transformed it into her home. According to Airport Journals, Joanne paid $2,000 for the plane and another $4,000 to a removal company to help moved it to her spot next to a lake in Benoit. Mississippi.

She moved into her newly converted home in April 1995 and stayed there until May 1999. Below are more cool photos of Joanne's beautiful home:

However, the plane was significantly damaged in 1999 when it fell off a transporter truck intended to transport it a public aircraft site.

That is a beautiful home out an airplane, in an isolated area near a cool lake. What an awesome experience that must have been for Joanne Userry.

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