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See Beautiful Landscape That Will Make You Love Nigeria

Nigeria is a democratic Nation/country which is ruled of governed by political leaders. Nigeria has one of the most amazing view and tour zones. Nigeria is African country blessed with many natural resources and mother's NATuRE abundant gifts. I'm this article you'll be seeing beautiful landscapes that will make you love Nigeria. 

Nigeria is one of the most popular country blessed with different varieties of natural resources which includes, golds, coal, oil and gas, limestone, precious gems and so on. Nigeria's most populated state is Lagos State.

Lagos State in the epicentre of businesses, various industries and so on. But this same busy state, they are numerous beautiful places and resorts that makes Lagos one of the most beautiful state in Nigeria and Africa at large. 

Here are some pictures of beautiful landscapes in Nigeria


Rock in Ogun State

Erin Ijesha Waterfall; Oshogbo

Lekki Conservation Centre

Other views includes:

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