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College Education


One thing about city lifestyle and village lifestyle.

Despite the great advantage of township, the truth is that not everyone can make it in town though people want to be there at least to hustle but it doesn't pay some of them.

The main reason for this is that township don't benefits the less privilege people

To me, one can be in town if one make a good foundation from village such as a good education, better skill and much more it's more better to manage in village than town.

When it comes to city life it's obvious that it's very exciting, city is the main stay of all the beautiful things ranging from house, school, lights, roads, network and much more. It's in the town that one can gain access to better hospital and a standard education that can produce a best student for different field.

One thing I know is that town doesn't support everyone and it's not under must to be in town.

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