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Nigeria : A Travel Back To 1960(Photos)

Before the existence of the British created Nigeria, there were ancient kingdoms (or Empires) such as Benin Empire, Nri Kingdom, Kanem-Bornu Empire, Oyo Empire, Hausa Kingdom, etc. Some of the notable geographical features in Nigeria are Ubudu Plateau, Mambilla Plateau, Jos Plateau, Adamawa Highland, River Niger, River Benue, etc.

Nigeria was formed as a result of the marriage of two protectorate- south and north in the 1914 by a British colonial soldier, Lord Lugard. The name "Nigeria" was coiled from two words- Niger (or Nigga in English which means "Black") and area(geographical location) meaning area inhabited by black people.

Literally, Nigeria is a land of milk and honey. Nigeria has some resources such as lead, natural gas (crude oil), limestone, tin, zinc, niobium, gold, iron ore, salts, etc.

Nigeria gained her independence on 1st October,1960. She presently has 36 states, 774 local governments, and about 250 ethnic groups.

Pictographically, lets go back to the Nigeria of the 60 :

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Benin Empire Jos Plateau Lord Lugard Nigeria River Benue


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