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Check out the 'Angel footprint' Located in Oyo state and other tourist attractions in Imo State

One unique thing about Nigeria is that it has lots of tourist attractions. Tourism boosts the revenue of the economy, creates thousands of jobs, develops the infrastructure of a country, and plants a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens. Many tourist attractions in Nigeria include the following:

(1) Angel's footprint:

It is located in Eruwa, Ibarapa Area, Oyo State. The Angel footprint is called "Onigba Poro" in Yoruba. According to some prominent people who have been there, the footprints are exactly two hundred in number. One amazing fact is that the whole two hundred footprints were formed naturally on the rock. However, it is not yet clear what the actual cause of the holes is.

(2) Oguta Lake:

It is regarded as the biggest lake in Imo State. It is not as salty as other lakes, so it is very safe to swim in. There are no reports of wild animals living there either.

Legend has it that in the olden days, Imo State residents used it for the transportation of palm oil. Another amazing scene of the lake is a point where two striking colors of water meet. At this spot, the Bluewater and the Urashi River flow side by side without mixing. This happens without an external or man-made barrier. However, scientific findings indicate that this phenomenon is caused by differences in the temperature, speed, and amount of dissolved sediments in the waters of the two rivers.

(3) Nekede Zoo:

According to my research, Nekede Zoo, also known as Owerri Zoo, was established in 1986 on the Old Nekede Road. There are so many wild animals in the zoo that will make your visit worthwhile.

(5) Otamiri River:

This river is one of the main rivers in Imo State, Nigeria. The river takes its name from Ota Miri, a deity who owns all the waters that are called by his name, and who is often the dominating god of Mbari houses.

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