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See 5 Astounding Places In The World Where Occupants Are Unified By A Secret.

It would interest you to know that there are some extraordinary sites across the world where their customs, physical features and dwellers would make you think they are from another planet. Taking a close look at these places will make you wonder if their occupants are living by an undisclosed secret.

However, these articles will be giving more details of these unbelievable locations. Read and enjoy!

1. The vaDoma Tribe.

The vaDoma tribe are also known as the OSTRICH PEOPLE. The unique feature of this tribe is their hereditary irregularities named ECTRODACTYLY. This condition means people of the tribe have just two toes i.e the 3 middle toes are missing.

Futhermore, these tribe forbid marriages outside the tribe as a way to preserve their custom.

2. The Kingdom Of The Little People In China.

This kingdom houses more than 100 people between the age of 19 to 48 with the condition of being a dwarf also called dwarfism. This singular kingdom was established by Chen Mingjing, and it is located close to Kunming.

These dwarf kingdom makes social life easier as they put on attractive clothes similar to those worn by angels, guards, princesses, etc. The shapes of their houses are like that of a tree and mushrooms, as a matter of fact, they live a very comfortable and free life knowing that no one is making fun of them behind their backs.

In conclusion, the occupants of these kingdom live a happy life as they see fit. They play games, attend classes, have jobs, and own their own infrastructures that includes- cafe, schools, hospitals, etc.

3. The Amish People.

The are the Peaceful Christians, and their originator was JAKOB AMMANN. The Amish people don't make use of guns, don't pay taxes, and most importantly they don't allow any form of assistance from the government. They have their communities in some states in USA and Ontario in Canada. Their principal business is art and crafts, and farming.

It would interest you to know that the old Amish rules includes- not driving car, not using electricity, not using phones and computers, etc. Infact they don't make use of refrigerators instead they make use of boxes filled with ice. Although, the New Amish People choose to use phones and computers.

Futhermore, each families have five(5) children and their women are prohibited from cutting or dyeing their hair, they don't use jewelries and always wear their headdress. Also note that after marriage, their men cannot shave their beards.

Lastly, their children stop their education after the 8th grade, and once they are age 15, they can break the rules and leave their communities( The Rumspring Period). The Rumspring period is period when the young adults can try to take alcohol, buy latest clothes, and even smoke. But after this Rumspring Period, 90% of these young adults choose baptism to continue their lives in the community.

4. The Piraha People.

The tribe is referred to as the The HAPPIEST TRIBE. They are located at the popular Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. The people of these tribe only recognize two colors and two numbers; " light and dark" and " many and some" respectively. Also, they don't know dates nor calendars and they suprisingly sleep periodically got 20minutes because they believe that sleeping for too long denies them of powers.

Futhermore, they only recognize 3 people in a relationship, that is, the parent, the baby, and a sibling. The Piraha people don't follow any chain of command, there is nothing like stealing because they don't own properties. The Piraha people are indeed peaceful and happy.

5. Candido Godoi ( The Land of Twins).

The Candido Godoi is located in Brazil and is famous for the high birthrate of twins. Atleast 80 families trains 44 pairs of twins. Note that most of these families migrated from Germany during the World War I. And, it was indegenous authorities that gave it the name "Land Of Twins." There is also a Museum Exhibition in this place.

However the most interesting thing about this community is that the local teachers have difficulties in identifying twin students while taking classes.

Thanks for reading.

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