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Some of the tallest, largest, Longest, deepest things in the world

Longest wall

Great wall of China(4,343 miles/6,690 kilometres)

Longest river

River Nile(4,160 miles/6,685 kilometres)

Deepest lake

Lake Baikal in Russia (5,370 feet/1,634 metres)

Highest mountain peak

Mount Everest (29,028 feet/8,848 metres)

Longest rail journey with a single train

Moscow, Russia to Pyongyang, North Korea (6,346 miles/ 10,214 kilometres).

Longest railway platform

Gorakhpur junction, India (4,473 feet/ 1,366 metres)

Longest bridge

Danyang Kushan grand bridge, China ( 101miles, 164 kilometres)

Largest bird

An adult male ostrich can reach up to nine feet and weigh over 330 pounds .

Largest animal

Blue whale (418,878 pounds/ 190,000 kilograms)

Largest hot desert

The Sahara ( 3,513 square miles/9,1000,000 square kilometres) it's larger than the entire US.

Largest island

Greenland (840,000 square miles/ 2,175,000 kilometres).

Tallest building

Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE( 2,717 feet/ 828 metres).

Tallest statue

Statue of unity in Kevadiya, India ( 597 feet/ 182 metres).

Longest road tunnel

Lærdalstunnelen in Norway(15.2 miles/ 24 kilometres).

Longest coral reef

The great barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia (1,260 miles/2,027 kilometres).

Highest waterfall

Angel's fall, Venezuela (3,212feet/ 979metres).

Largest flower

Rafflesia Arnoldii in Indonesia measures 36 inches/ 91.4 centimetres across, and weighs 15 pounds.

Tallest lighthouse

Jeddah lighthouse in Saudia Arabia (436 feet/ 133 metres).

Largest library

Library of Congress in Washington DC, US, contains over 167 million books, legal materials, films, maps , sheet music,and sound recordings.

Longest Pizza

1.3 miles/ 2.1 kilometres. In Fontana California, US.

Tallest Man

Sultan Kosen of Turkey ( 8'2/ 249 centimetres)

Largest Mosque

The great mosque of Mecca, Saudi Arabia ( 3,840,000 square feet).

Largest Church

St Peter's Basilica,. Vatican city ( 15,160 square metres)

Highest capital city

La Paz in Bolivia ( 11942 feet/ 3,640 metres)

Longest legs (female)

Ekaterina Lisina of Russia ( right leg, 52.2 centimetres, left leg, 52 centimetres)

Largest Country

Russia( 6,601,668 square miles/ 17,098,242 square kilometres)

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