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Photos: Meet The Mysterious Onyekulum Masquerade That Women And Children Are Not Allowed To See

Anambra state is one state, that has sustained its culture and tradition to date. These people do not joke about their customs.

You must have heard of Onyekulum masquerade. This masquerade comes from a strange forest.

The mysterious Onyekulum masquerade of Adazi-Nnukwu is one masquerade no one dare stand against. This masquerade does not recognize age. The natural belief is that this masquerade comes out from a strange forest in Adazi-Nnukwu called Offia Onyekulum" which simply translates as (Onyekulum forest). This forest is considered dreaded and sacred and no one dares step a foot into it.

Onyekulum masquerade attracts spectators every year. This masquerade is a joy to see. It usually comes out occasionally, especially during its own festival. Tourists from the world all over travel to Anambra just to see this masquerade. People from Anambra state who reside in other places travel home to see this masquerade also. Usually, women are not allowed to see this masquerade.

Here are pictures;

Recently, things are no longer the same.

The world of our fathers is no longer our world. Women and children are no longer prohibited from seeing this mysterious masquerade.

Onyekulum masquerade is not popular like the Ijele and Adamma masquerades. This is mainly because it seldom comes out. It is not usually accompanied by any human or music groups. It usually comes out with his family consisting of a father, mother, and children. One hilarious thing about them is that they all have weird names they call themselves.

Although they are not accompanied by any music group, Onyekulum sure knows how to entertain. The vibe brings often leaves many happy. Apart from coming out during its own festival, it also comes out during the burial of notable members of the public I.e chiefs, and rich sons of the community.

Credit:, Charles Ifeanyi Obi.

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Adazi-Nnukwu Anambra Onyekulum


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