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20+ Beautiful pictures of Africa the media might not show you

When Motebang Moeketsi takes a gander at his nation, he sees the magnificence of its mountains, the tranquility of its streams and the delight of its kin. Moeketsi lives in Lesotho, a nation that sits between the Drakensberg and Maloti mountain runs and is encircled by South Africa. This place that is known for 2 million inhabitants and various remarkable destinations is a concealed diamond, excessively since quite a while ago ignored for Moeketsi's taste. So Moeketsi, in the same way as other of his age, is catching and sharing his nation's excellence for the world to see. What's more, what is being seen is changing the world's perspective on this landmass. 

The magnificence and decent variety that is Africa is becoming known in photographs and video from youthful Africans who tweet utilizing

Since #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou showed up on Twitter, the world has been investigating the mainland that can fit North America, China and India inside its fringes and still have a lot of land to save. The decent variety of societies, dress, present day urban communities, and regular scenes uncovers a side of the landmass that most Westerners don't see on their nightly news or in their social investigations course readings. 

"When all is said in done, the media, particularly non-African media, have demonstrated destitution and sicknesses … minimal great," says Moeketsi, a picture taker and PC designing alumni from the University of Cape Town. "Our job as Africans is to turn this mentality around utilizing different channels. This hashtag gives us that stage. Africa has made some amazing progress from the ruin made by the individuals who presently shortcoming us for it. Pictures and point of view are significant in light of the fact that how individuals see you frequently takes care of how they treat you."


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