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The Biggest Cargo Aircraft Whose Size Prevents It From Landing On Some Airport Runways

Aircrafts have come a long way. Many hundreds of years ago, seeing a plane fly was impossible because the world was not equipped with such technology. Presently, aeroplanes and other flying objects are commonplace. It is also fascinating how these aircrafts manage to fly and land successfully despite their size.

The Antonov AN-225 mriya, is a six engine, strategic heavy lift cargo transport. This aircraft which is popularly known as the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world, was designed to be resilent while executing operations on the air even in the most unfriendly weather conditions.

When the plane is fully loaded with cargo, it's estimated weight can be as high as 640,000kg (1.4 million pounds). Even though this weight measurement is twice the maximum take off weight for the Boeing 777, the Antonov has 6 engines which is capable of bearing the weight.

The reason why this aircraft is incapable of perfectly utilising some runways is; accelerating and decelerating the Antonov AN-225 takes a long time even with its powerful six engines and sharp brakes. This is the main reason why the aircraft cannot land on a runway below 3,047-3,500m of length.

In a research conducted by the Cia Factbook, only 182 airports out of more than 5,000 airports in the U.S have a runway length of over 3,047m or 10,000ft. Its large size and it's weight is the reason why some airports are not big enough for the aircraft.

However, Air bases are equipped with longer runways which measures 5,000m or 16,400ft on average which is more than sufficient for the successful landing and taking off of the Antonov AN-225 aircraft.

In addition, the engines of the aircraft are capable of achieving a maximum speed of 850km/h or 528mph which is actually very fast for such a big plane. This plane can leave Lagos and arrive Abuja in less than one hour given that the distance between these two cities is around 442.8miles. Its speed can be attributed to the fact that it has six engines.

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Antonov AN-225


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