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6 Most beautiful things in the world.

6. Citroen DS: This is a car designed by an Italian designer Flaminio Bertani. This car is considered to be the most beautiful car of the century. With advanced technology, it has been considered to be the best car by 20 well known car designers.

5. Blue Jacaranda: Blue Jacaranda also known as Blue trumpets tree has beautiful purple flowers on it. This makes it into the list of this article. In Mexico and Zimbabwe when the tree blooms is a sign of spring and also considered as good fortune.

4. Mona Lisa: This painting is the most admired, visited and it has earned a lot of conjectures. This painting has been changed from different places ranging from palaces to museums.

3. Trevi Fountain: Trevi Fountain is a famous tourist attraction, Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful monument of Italy, Rome. Not only it has the most spectacular view but it is also the largest Fountain of Rome.

2. The heart of the kingdom Ruby: This heart shaped rubby on a diamond necklace cost $14 million. It was designed by the house of garrand, this jewel has no equal and it is one of a kind.

The enchanting crimson coloured heart is surrounded by 150 diamonds and weighs about 40.63 carat.

1. The regent diamond: This 410 carat diamond was the largest ever to be found in India. It is a square shaped white colored diamond with implausible worth. It was called the Pitt Diamond when it was first bought by the British Prime Minister Williams Pitt.

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