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Dreams That Shows You Are Divinely Connected Already.

Dreams that shows divine connection awaits you


Genesis 28:12 And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.

Dreams That Shows Divine Connection Is Coming are:

1. That is when you begin to see angel.

2. Being in the mist of which you have white people you have never meet before.

3. Meeting yourself in a new country and doing what you like doing or you are happy about what you are doing or being there. Note at times some persons see themselves in a far country or travelling or amongst people in a country they have never being before and before you know it the person dies. That is why we always advise to pray about every dream and ask the Holy Spirit for the interpretation because we all know in part. Note: If you see yourself doing what you don't like, it may mean death.

4. Receiving a phone call with good news.

5. Trumpeters in your dream.

6. Seeing connection cords.

7. Being in a plane.

8. A ladder in your dream reaching heaven or a very high place, like that of Jacob.

9. Climbing an incomplete stairs all of a sudden another stairs shows up for you to complete it.

10. Being in the midst of influential people.

11. Entertaining an influential person like the governor, king, president etc.

12. Receiving phone gift and you are happy in the dream.

13. Receiving parcel and you are happy about it.

14. Being on a journey and you are struggling to get to final destination then all of a sudden someone shows up to take you there.

15. Flying.

As good as all these dreams are, remember you still have to consider some factors in the dream before you finally conclude that it means divine connection. Remember to look for other symbols in the dream, environment, sounds, color etc. One can't be in a different country while the people around are singing songs of sorrow and wearing rags or mourning clothes, this doesn't mean divine connection but spiritual death or physical death. That is why is best to ask the giver of the dream for interpretation. Shalom.

Victory is yours.


My Father, make me a vessel capable of knowing your secret things, in the name of Jesus.

Source: Dream Archive

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