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OSUN-OSOGBO: The Popular Shrine in Yorubaland Moulded by a White Woman (Photos)

The Yoruba people is one of those tribes in Nigeria with very rich cultural heritage. Known for being traditionally spectacular, the Yoruba people have so many rich cultures which makes them unique. Cultures ranging from marriage, traditional gods, deities, festivals, masquerades and so on. All these cultures and many more are the things the Yoruba people are known for. 

Talking about shrines, gods and deities, the Osun-Osogbo shrine comes to view. This particular shrine located in Oshogbo, Osun state have existed for years and thrived for ages. This shrine is located in the popular Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove. The sacred grove is among the list of the sacred forests that usually adjoined the edges of most cities in Yorubaland. Being so unique and having a very rich cultural value, this sacred grove was approved as one of the "UNESCO World Heritage Sites" in 2005.

Back in the days, this sacred Grove was neglected and and the traditional rites which were supposed to be performed to appease the Grove were never done. It was a white woman, Susanne Wenger that as a matter of urgency, came and revived the grove and stopped all the bad activities going on in the grove.

This sculpture of the Osun-Osogbo shrine was created by a white woman called Susanne Wegner. Tourists travel countries far and near to visit this shrine. It interests people to visit places where traditional Yoruba religion is still practiced, to visit shrines in Yorubaland.

It is true that the advent of Christianity has made most of this traditional shrines go into extinction. Christians who were in one way or the other traditionalists invite Pastors to come and destroy most of the shrines. This singular act is sickening and sad as it seems.


What do you know about this Osun-Osogbo Shrine? What do you know about it? Is it not saddening that a shrine as unique as this was neglected by the rightful owners and was revived by a white woman? What do you think?

Content created and supplied by: JaybeeAnochi (via Opera News )

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